God Hates Mixed Fibers!

it shall be an abomination unto you

The Sin of Costume Error

Shown on the left side of this page are the images of the purest, most chaste Godly ladies who have each dedicated their lives to the glory of dress code adherence! And let's face it, their outfits are divine! They, each and every one of them, live holy lives in the Castro or other gay ghettos, spreading the word of God and his dress code commandments to every Mary person they meet. Please welcome the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Each and every one of these fine Christian ladies finds herself completely disgusted and utterly repulsed by the mixed-fiber clothing sold at such pagan facilities as Wal-Mart and K-Mart. It is obvious that the Sisters don't shop for clothing in these sorts of places.

You will find no mixed fibers flaunted in public by these ladies! Only the purest wool that has been sheared brutally from innocent virgin sheep, who were then chopped up into tiny bits, made into a fresh pate, and burnt before the altar to make a pleasing stench for Him. And blood, so much blood. Blood everywhere. Surely their blood would be upon them if they dared to wear a cotton/polyester blend!

These brides of Our Lord and Saviour shall never be seen giving offense to God by wearing linen and wool at the same time. This would be an abomination unto them.  And neither shall they be seen wearing white after Labor Day, for that would make them unclean unto the Lord.

As they go through their daily lives, ministering to the fabric-challenged masses of God's creation, each Sister teaches the faithful about the dangers of costume error, and the vengeful God who passes judgement on their outfits and fashion accessories.

For it is written, thou shalt not mix fibers. Shown below is an example of the sort of garment that makes the Baby Jesus cry. Mixed Fibers!


You can help protect America from the wrath of a judgemental and vindictive God by picketing your local
Wal-Mart stores and demanding they remove all mixed fiber garments immediately.

It is an abomination to sell this Satanic trash, and there is no reason why the righteous of Our Lord should tolerate this brazen and willful flaunting of the Mixed Fiber Lifestyle by a large multi-national corporation.

Leviticus 19:19

The good news of mixed-fiber dogma is brought to you by Skeptic Hosting.
God also hates Brats, Crustaceans, Pork, Vaginas, and Barbers.